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How the Squad came to be

After a bad accident that happened in 1939, a group of men got together at the home of Lester and Helen Woolley in West Belmar on September 15, 1939 to form the Wall Township First Aid Squad. The squad was incorporated on February 13, 1940. Leaders in the movement to establish a first aid squad were Leroy Bennett, Wolcott Hansen, Sheldon Gravatt, Robert Crowther, Calvin Woolley, and Lester Woolley. When more citizens began to show an interest, the meetings were moved to the loft of Leroy Bennett's barn on "M" Street in West Belmar. Members paid 25 cents per month dues. By the end of the first year they had 20 members.

Calvin Woolley was named the first Captain, and an old used Studebaker ambulance was purchased from Neptune City. It was housed in Mr. Woolley's garage at the corner of New Bedford Road and Woolley Road. During the week, Mr. and Mrs. Woolley covered the phone 24 hours a day in the event an emergency call might be received. If there was a call, Mrs. Woolley would blow the siren that was wired to their home three times. On weekends, the men in the squad took turns staying at the garage where a second phone had been installed. The first call was answered by Calvin Woolley, Charles Brahn, and George Newman. They transported Mrs. Mary Newman to Fitkin Hospital (now Jersey Shore University Medical Center ) on January 13, 1940.

The Squad bought the Lewis Farm House on Monmouth Blvd. for $100 from Wall Township in early 1942. They signed a contract on November 6, 1942 to renovate the building for $2,625. In 1961, a new brick building was erected just north of the original structure, which is still our squad building today. In January of that same year, the Wall Community First Aid Squad was formed.