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Basic life support and rescue

We provide basic life support and rescue assistance in the Emergency Medical Service system that begins when you or one of your family, a neighbor, or friend is in need of help and you dial ‘911'.

A trained Emergency Medical Dispatcher will take your call; ask questions to determine the location, and the severity of the problem, and at the same time contact the Wall Police Department, who will dispatch the Squad. As soon as enough information is known we are alerted to your call for help by the Wall P.D. dispatcher over a radio/pager alert system. Over the radio we are given details of your location and the problem, and our members respond to the squad building on Monmouth Boulevard. At the same time, a police patrol car will be dispatched to practically every call, while our team assembles.


When enough members have assembled at our squad building to form an appropriate crew for the call, we respond in our emergency vehicles to your location in a safe and prompt manner.

What we then do when we arrive at your location will depend upon the circumstances.

It may be sufficient to just render First Aid at the scene or the patient may need transportation to an Emergency Room (ER) at the nearest appropriate medical facility. Our squad transports to either Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune or Ocean Medical Center in Brick. Unfortunately, transportation to any other hospital takes too much time and ultimately depletes the town's resources if another call is dispatched. Transporting to JSUMC or OMC keeps our fleet close to Wall and available for the next emergency.

If the patient's condition is ‘life-threatening' , Paramedics may also have been dispatched at the same time so that advanced care can begin while being transported to the hospital. Paramedics are a separate team who can initiate IV and medication therapy as well as other advanced care in the pre-hospital setting. 

When any of the three Wall Township Fire companies are dispatched to a fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide (CO) detector alarm, we will respond with the FD team to provide first aid to any victims, and to provide immediate first aid to any Firefighter or any other emergency personnel at the scene of an incident, should it be needed. The FD team will gain entry to the vehicle, or cut the vehicle away from the person, using tools including the Jaws of Life so they can be extricated from the vehicle, in a safe manner and then be treated and transported to the ER.

Wall Township covers an area of approximately 31 square miles, with upwards of 26,000 residents, over 10,000 residential and commercial properties, and 575 roadways. Our squad covers approximately 60% of the Township area roughly north of Allaire Road (County Route 524). Within that we cover 21 miles of divided highways comprising State Highways 18, 33, 34 & 138, the eastern end of Interstate 195, approximately 7 miles of the Garden State Parkway (GSP), and Monmouth Executive Airport. The southern area of the Township is covered by our ‘sister' squad Wall Community First Aid squad. We support each other in the delivery of service in the whole Township through the concept of ‘mutual aid' (this is where a squad will provide service in another squad's area when their resources are insufficient for the incident at hand).

We work closely with Squad 23, the paid Police EMS Agency service in town, but we are a separate non-profit, volunteer entity. 


Our squad also provides mutual aid to squads in adjacent towns and municipalities (Colts Neck, Tinton Falls, Hamilton, Neptune, Avon, Belmar, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Manasqaun and Howell); to squads covering the GSP northward to exit 117; and through the coordination of the Monmouth County OEM to other squads in Monmouth County, other counties in New Jersey, and the City of New York (during 9/11).