Join our squad today! Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping others and saving lives.

Why join the Wall First Aid & Rescue Squad? Because we need you and your community needs you. For some of our members, the WFA brings a sense of satisfaction of giving back to the Wall Township community and contributing to someone’s quality of life. For others, it is a way to help others in their time of need.

Our members love the camaraderie of being on this team and a sense of making a difference in the community. And… the excellent, hands-on training is a life long skill!

Follow the Step by Step instructions in our Membership Application Checklist. Click here to access the Checklist. The online application form follows below.

As a safeguard against computer glitches, applicants are encouraged to send an e-mail to letting us know that you have submitted an application.

If you do not hear back regarding your online application, please e-mail to to confirm that it was successfully delivered by the system.

Wall First Aid Squad in Wall NJ Training Room

Application for Membership:

Federal and State laws prohibit discrimination in membership because of sex, age, race, color, religious creed, marital status, National origin, ancestry, height, weight, liability for service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or other non job-related handicap or disability.
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Previous EMS Experience?
Has your driver's license ever been suspended?
Have you ever been convicted of an indictable offense or felony crime?


As a squad member, I will actively support the squad with my due share of time in fund raising activities, obey all rules and regulations as stated in the By-laws, and protect the property of the squad at all times:
Upon leaving the squad, I will return all squad-owned property in my possession:
In making application for membership in the Wall Township First Aid & Rescue Squad, I agree to provide to the Wall Township Police Department and/or the Wall Township First Aid & Rescue Squad Membership Committee any and all information, documentary or otherwise, as may be required for consideration of my application:

Parent/Guardian Approval:

If the applicant is under the age of 18 years old, a parent or guardian approval is required.
Parent/Guardian Statement: As this applicant’s parent/legal guardian, I have reviewed this application and attest to its accuracy. I hereby grant permission for the applicant to apply for membership in Wall Township First Aid & Rescue Squad:



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