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Dedicated Squad Members Who Have Passed

Rick Albietz
Howard Bennett
Irving S. Bennett
Leroy Bennett
Boris Blum
Charles Brahn
John E. Cherel
Robert Crowther
Lewis Dawkins
Roy Denninger
William Donnigan
John Downs
Arthur Forsythe
David Fursman
Sheldon Gravatt

Wolcott Hansen
George Hall
Carroll Huebscher
John Lord
Harold Martin
Clarence Morton
Edward Moss
T. Leroy Parker
John Pressey
Reginald Pyle
Le Roy Querns
Herbert Sheriff
Vernon Shibla
Alfred Siemers
Herman Siemers

Hon. Elvin r. Simmill
Elwood Smith
Joseph A. Smith
Ira Stout
Bill Voelkel
Jerry Weinerman
Eugene White
Robert White
Calvin Woolley
Lester R. Woolley

Wall First Aid In Memory Of Past Members

EMS Prayer

As I perform my duty Lord
Whatever be the call,
Help to guide me and keep me safe
From dangers big and small.
I want to serve and do my best
No matter what the scene,
I pledge to keep my skills refined,
My judgment quick and keen.
This calling to give of myself
Most do not understand,
But I stand ready all the time
To help my fellow man.
To have the chance to help a child
Restore his laugh with glee,
A word of thanks I might not hear,
But knowing is enough for me.
The praise of men if fine for some,
But I feel truly blessed
That You, oh Lord, have chosen me
To serve in EMS.
~ Author Unknown

RIP star of life