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Resources for Squad EMTs

A Tour of Our Rigs, Equipment, and Supplies

Rig Tour
Standing Orders for EMTs from Medical Director Ken Lavelle, MD, FACEP, NR-P, BC-EMS

Clinical Practice Guidelines Updated September 2021
Epi-Pen recertification training for Squad 52-21 EMTs who had taken the initial training and received Epi-Pen certification. The 2016 Epi-Pen Powerpoint presentation must be viewed, and the 2016 Epi-Pen Test Wall recertification test must be completed and signed. Those who wish to may also review the Epi-Pen Initial Training Powerpoint. The NJ DOH Epi-Pen policy is also provided as an additional resource. The completed test can be submitted as hardcopy to the Captain's mailbox at the Squad, or submitted as a scanned copy to
How to install the PEEP valve with the BVM: Adding PEEP To Your BVM. Set the adjustable valve between 5mm and 10mm.

CPR-2 Small Adult BVM: Video Set the adjustable valve between 5mm and 10mm. See also brochure and directions for use.

SPIDER-STRAP Immobilization Strap User Manual. The Spider-Strap can be used to secure a patient to a backboard or a scoop stretcher.
Use this link for training in the use of the SWAT-T(TM) Stretch Wrap and Tuck Tourniquet

COVID-19 Procedures and Resources

Training Events and Course Listings

Training is available every month through the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office at their site in Neptune, NJ.
Monthly EMS Education lectures with C.E.U.'s are offered free of charge to EMTs at Monmouth Medical Center.