Help save a life 

The squad providesĀ freeĀ Emergency Medical Services, operates on generous, tax-deductible, donations from the residents and businesses in the municipality, and financial and other support from the Township. Squad officers use this money to purchase the equipment, medical supplies, oxygen and other supplies necessary to run the squad.

As a volunteer organization, we depend on the gracious donations of the Wall Township residents and businesses. Your help to us will continue to keep our supplies and equipment plentiful and in working condition. Annually, Wall First Aid will mail residents and businesses within our district requests for donations. We value any donation sent in. Along with our sister squad, we also sponsor a Beatlemania concert at the high school. This concert, over several consecutive years, has helped alleviate the financial burden of purchasing our new rescue vehicle. We also occasionally host an Open House to invite the public to see our rigs and give demonstrations of what we are capable of when responding to a rescue operation.

Besides our annual mailings, we also accept donations at any other time of the year. You can mail them in to our PO Box listed on the contact page, or stop by our building on Monmouth Boulevard and deposit it into our secured donation 'mail box.' Remember, never submit cash!

While the Squad receives an annual contribution from the Township for fuel, insurance, and vehicle maintenance, it does not cover all the costs associated with running the sort of EMS service needed in today's society. We wish to thank our supporters, the residents and businesses of WallTownship for their generous donations. Without these donations we can't be there when you need us. We ask you to respond with generosity when our donation request arrives in the mail.