This page contains links to online training resources. Squad Members can e-mail scanned course certificates to

Resources for Squad EMTs

Epi-Pen recertification training for Squad 52-21 EMTs who had taken the initial training and received Epi-Pen certification. The 2016 Epi-Pen Powerpoint presentation must be viewed, and the 2016 Epi-Pen Test Wall recertification test must be completed and signed. Those who wish to may also review the Epi-Pen Initial Training Powerpoint. The NJ DOH Epi-Pen policy is also provided as an additional resource. The completed test can be submitted as hardcopy to the Captain's mailbox at the Squad, or submitted as a scanned copy to
Use this link to take the basic training and receive the certification: XCollar Online Training Center

Additional training videos for XCollar:

XCollar Readjustment

XCollar Management

2nd Rescuer

Easy Removal/Pivot the Buckle (updated)

Video for the Hospital staff
SPIDER-STRAP Immobilization Strap User Manual. The Spider-Strap can be used to secure a patient to a backboard or a scoop stretcher.
Use this link for training in the use of the SWAT-T(TM) Stretch Wrap and Tuck Tourniquet

Resources for Rescue Crew